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Who is SARGIA Partners

Who is SARGIA Partners

SARGIA Partners is a Leadership Transformation Consultancy specializing in Leadership Coaching, Leadership Team Alignment and Leadership Agility. Our focus is leadership in the context of transformation, when core shifts in consciousness, mindsets and behaviors are needed to achieve the desired results.

Our Passion is to inspire Leaders to develop a Bigger Mind, with vision, mindfulness and agility

Our Mission is to support leaders and organizations expand their capacity for creating their future by transforming whats possible and developing a growth mindset

SARGIAs systemic and transformational leadership development solutions have drawn from the best research and practices of Behavioral and Developmental Stage Sciences, Neuroscience, Learning Organizations Disciplines and advanced coaching methodologies.

Our International Affiliations include the Center of Advanced Coaching (CAC), USA, Changewise, USA, Neurocapability, AU and the Futures Agency, Gm

Established in 2010 in Greece, expanded its operations in UK and Romania and serves the C-suite of organizations across diverse industries in the EMEA region.